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"This was a perfect balance of fun and content that engaged the students and got them excited about science!"

Mark W. - Principal

Fields Memorial School

Great Kids Programming

Justin Mazz

Enrichment AND fun makes for happy kids. I've been working with schools, libraries and families to build programs that provide kids and parents with a great time paired with a selection of strong messages. Bring one of my fun, exciting and enriching programs to you and your kids for a guaranteed great event!

A crazy trip to the laboratory.

Problem Solving Science
Problem Solving Science

Can water defy gravity? Can you make candy fly? When was the last time your audience had giant smoke rings flying over their heads? Do you want to see 8 kids get turned into a giant human musical instrument?

In this 45 minute program I focus on Science, Engineering and Stem concepts in ways that leave kids gasping and asking questions...but that's the point! With a heavy emphasis on the scientific method this show empowers children with the tools to ask questions and see out the answers for themselves.

-Highly interactive for teachers and students.

-Clean (no giant messes left behind in your auditorium)

-Core Concept and Key Vocabulary focused.

Science Assembly

James Madison's Constitutional Comedy

Red White and Fun
Red White and Fun

Was the United States Constitution written because of a hungry pig? Can a piece of paper really turn the Statue of Liberty in Houdini? How did the founding fathers use their imaginations to make different sized states receive equal treatment?

Spend 40 minutes watching kids ride a (fake) horse, get covered in a bucket of (fake) mud and having so much fun they don't realize they're learning all about (real) US History!

-Presented by "James Madison" the father of the US Constitution.

-Learn the houses of Congress and the Balance of Power.

-Discover our Flag and the Statue of Liberty stand for!

Constitution Show

Fun Magic For Fun People.

Justin Mazz
Justin Mazz Magic

Have you ever watched a show with your kids that left you groaning? After every show parents come up and let me know that they had almost more fun than their kids! This family program is built to entertain kids and the adults that have to drive them around.

Sometimes kids just need to have fun! Adults too! This show is built from the ground up with laughs in mind. If you'd like to see kids having a great time this is it. Built on over ten years of experience this show is an ever changing but always fun mix of magic, games juggling and more. This program is a great fit for any fun event and will make you look like a hero! Easy to work with and very low maintenance for you. You don't need more to worry about!

-Great for Field Days, School Fun Days, Birthdays and more.

-Fun clean humor for ages 4 and up.

-Adaptable to any event and audience size.

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