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Exciting Library Programming

Justin Mazz

I love reading! When I visit libraries I use the opportunity to entertain and communicate my love of books to the families that visit your library.

These programs might be a great fit for you... 

Justin Mazz Magic

Have you ever watched a show with your kids that left you groaning? After every show parents come up and let me know that they had almost more fun than their kids! This family program is built to entertain kids and the adults that have to drive them around.

Sometimes kids just need to have fun! Adults too! This show is built from the ground up with laughs in mind. If you'd like to see kids having a great time this is it. Built on over ten years of experience this show is an ever changing but always fun mix of magic, games juggling and more. This program is a great fit for any fun event and will make you look like a hero! Easy to work with and very low maintenance for you. You don't need more to worry about!

Starting every fall I'm testing and tweaking fun new routines so that each summer I can build a fun, fresh summer reading show for your guests. Not every library holds strictly to the summer reading theme and this show will be a great entertaining program to either incorporate in with your other themed programming or as a fun piece in your normal summer schedule.

-Fresh theme and content every summer.

-Fun clean humor for ages 4 and up.

-Adaptable to any event and audience size.

Summer Reading Magic
Build a Better World With Books
Reading Magic!
Libraries:Summer Reading

Can water defy gravity? Can you make candy fly? When was the last time your audience had giant smoke rings flying over their heads? Do you want to see 8 kids get turned into a giant human musical instrument?

In this 45 minute program I focus on Science, Engineering and Stem concepts in ways that leave kids gasping and asking questions...but that's the point! With a heavy emphasis on the scientific method this show empowers children with the tools to ask questions and see out the answers for themselves.

-Highly interactive for adults and kids.

-Clean (no giant messes left behind in your space)

-Core Concept and Key Vocabulary focused.

Problem Solving Science

A crazy trip to the laboratory.

Hilarious interactive Science!
Problem Solving Science
Library Show Pricing

Worth every dollar. Guaranteed.

Library Performance: $300 *Travel may be extra

Second performance - same day: $150 *subject to time availability


Save some money!

Discounts Available:

Refer another library that books before your performance date and take $50 off your fee.

Team up with a nearby library for same day performances in both libraries ...each library saves $50 off their fee! Great for same town and next town libraries. *Subject to travel feasibility. 

If you're not satisfied with the show, neither am I and you don't pay.

Library Pricing
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