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Thank you for taking home "Make Magic with Justin Mazz!"

I hope you're having fun reading and learning the magic tricks inside!

To make learning easier I made videos going over how to perform every trick in the book. There are four separate videos, each covering a few tricks. Make sure you have permission to visit Youtube and then check out the links below!

Come have a watch!

Remember not to share these videos! If everyone knows how you're doing the tricks then they aren't magic anymore!

Part 1 covers "The Hypnotized Banana", "So Close Yet So Far", "Hand X-Ray" and "The Floating Banana".

Every Trick In The Book

Part 2 covers "Finding The Aces", "Mixed Up Math", Magnetic Fingers" and "Psychic Dice".

Part 4 covers "Straw Worms", "Feet On The Floor", "Super Finger" and "The Obedient Straw".

Part 3 covers "On The Edge", "TV Show Psychic", "Cold Touch" and "Freaky Folding".

Have fun performing magic!

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